10 Top Tips for Mount Batur Sunrise trekkingMount Batur Sunrise trekking is one of the most challenging volcano trekking activities in the Island that draws tourists with both beauty and adventure. The spectacular scenery offered from altitude 1.717 masl made every hiker feel vibration of the sacred volcano in their mind and soul. Beside of that, experience wonderful views of the sun bursting into the horizon that change the dark sky with wink of start and a light slowly to oranges, yellows and bright spreading over huge Batur caldera and its Lake. To be successful climbing mount Batur you have to know what you should prepare before head to Mount Batur. Here bellow 10 Top Tips for Mount Batur Sunrise trekking you should know and prepare before go.

10 Top Tips For Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

1. Careful book in advance.

If you want book tour to Mount Batur be careful because there some unprofessional agencies can drop you to the

black hole. Before book ensure you read their review on TripAdvisor because that the best way to know how is services offer by each agencies or companies.  Do not book tour with small street agencies, they will do share tour and use third parties. If you want use your own transport make sure hike via Toyabungkah village, there are local guide available but better book a guide one day before heading.

2. Hiking poles is helpful.

I think everyone who walking up to the mountain need hiking poles to help themselves while ascent and descent. If you book through recommended agencies they will provide each person one or two hiking poles but prepared own hiking poles is better, hiking poles pretty useful tool especially when climbing up and go down.

3. Wear comfortable shoes.

Proper hiking boot recommended for Mount Batur sunrise trekking tour but sneakers would be fine, and flip flops would be awful. Make sure wear boots worth good grip, it will be better than flat grip. Beside of that, the important one is comfortable when you wear it, no need branded or expensive one.

4. Wear hand gloves.

In some day on the top of mount Batur can be 10 degrees so hands Gloves useful to keep warm your fingers. Besides of that, it useful to protect your hands touches something during your ascent and descent. Not required expensive hand gloves, you can buy in Circle K or Alfamart by 1 USD for a pair of glove.

5. Clothing.

Mount Batur can be very different temperature, in the bottom when you start will be cold but one walk about 20 minutes will getting warm. Once feel warm, T-shirt is enough for you but once you arrive the top the temperature will be change. It will be it will be cooler and wearing sweaty t-shirts make it difficult to get warm again, so prepared a pair of T-shit and warm jacket,

6. Drink and Food

Yes of course drink and food very informant during your Mount Batur sunrise trekking tour because after speeded lot of calorie you have to top up again. I recommend bring not too much food or heavy food because it will weigh you down during your hike. Usually during ascent needed very little food but on your ascent will be hungry. Drink, water is important one but some isotonic drinks will be good to top up your energy, some energy bars are a good choice too.

7. Bring Sunscreen and Camera.

Bali is tropical due to astronomically Island, located at 8 ° 25′n 23 ° South latitude and 115 ° 14′55″n East longitude. Of course hot and humid, so bring some sunscreen very important while descent when the sun can be strong. Camera? Yes it must bring during your hike because traveling without camera such as vegetables without salt, tasteless.

8. Go bed earlier.

Your hike began at 4 am and will pick up at 1.45 am or 2.30 am so go to bed early is important to keep your energy. Don’t be tempted to stay up till 1.45 am or 2.30 am and skip sleep all night because it will be problem for yourself during your hike.

9. Get a good tour guide

For climb mount Batur must selective get a guide, local guide is the best way because they having a knowledgeable guide who cares about your safety. Paying a much for your hike does not necessarily protect you from getting a non-professional guide. There are lots of professional guide out there but make sure you get a guide who is trained in safety and has experiences hike.
10. Bring friends along!

Hiking Mount Batur is an amazing experience, it recommended by traveler on TripAdvisor, Govoyagin, Lonleyplanet or others guest book, so it worth if you can bring your friends to hike Mount Batur. You can make some photos and upload on your Isntagram or others social media platform, it’s amazing right?

That all about 10 Top Tips for Mount Batur Sunrise trekking I can share to all of you, I hope by reading this article can help you to prepare your Mount Batur trekking tour before headed. If there any suggestion, please feel free to contact me, I am available every day to answer your question.